Back to Gran Pacifica Nicaragua

Nicaragua 2017

We’re heading back to visit our friends at the Gran Pacifica Resort Nicaragua.
Booked things a few months ago, flights and rooms.

Always try to get same day flights. There’s 3 of them. If we leave 7ish am we’re usually in Managua by 8ish pm.
I usually manage to arrange travel with a bit of time between flights so we don’t have a panic making the connection.
Wpg to TO to Houston to Managua. All good. Couldn’t wait!

For some odd reason I was unsettled as the day grew closer. So today I finally called and was told our connecting flight from TO to Houston had been pulled. No real reason. It was just pulled.
You know that feeing when one piece falls and everything else does as well? That’s the feeling I had. The airline went over a number of options. None were that good.

I had to get on the phone with our booking agent, who were adamant they hadn’t seen the change.
At this point I wasn’t about laying blame. What good would that do? I just needed a fix. After going over more bad options, we took what could work but it meant leaving right away.

Thankfully, we were able to cancel our hotel we booked so we could get some sleep before leaving early Sunday morning.
Thankfully, we were able to get our son to give us a ride to the airport right away.

When we got to the ticket agent, she looked at our travel plans and grimaced. “My
gosh!” She exclaimed. “These are horrible times. What happened?”
We explained the situation and because we now had to overnight in TO, put a note in our file for a free hotel room!
I honestly feel that by NOT kicking and screaming, some things worked out for the positive for us.
So here we sit in Wpg, waiting for our 9 pm flight that lands in TO around midnight.
Essentially, a 24 hr travel to our Nicaragua destination.

And for those wondering, Hurricane Nate has moved on from any of our connections.
We should be ok…


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