April Weekend Road Trip…

Cuz sometimes you just need to get outta town. You all know we like hanging with our kids in the Peg and checking out new places. We feel real fortunate that our kids actually like to hang with us. At least that’s what they say…😉 You can almost feel the excitement in their faces from these pictures…

Checked out KYU Grill’s new place in the Commons at the forks. They make some pretty tasty skewers that look like hot dogs but aren’t. We love the atmosphere at the Forks too. Great place to people watch. 

These were taken over two different weekends. Chilly one a couple of weeks ago where you’ll see empty patios and people bundled up. As you can see, these patios are just waiting for the weather to improve.

Then a beautiful day yesterday with line ups at every ice cream shop, full patios and even though it was mid teens temperature wise, lots of t-shirts and shorts…ah..Manitobans…

Once upon a time I had a bike just like this one. Same color too!

Parked in the Kingston Row area, nice quiet area to walk around by the way, crossed the bridge to BDI, but the line up was crazy. Same at Sargent Sundae on Portage. Manitobans are desperate for Spring/Summer to be here. 

Checked out a place called Super Deluxe Pizzeria on River Ave near Osborne Village. If you’re a fan of Neapolitan style pizza, this is a good place to visit. Loved the meatball appetizer and Caramelized Onion/Pancetta pie.

Finished the evening walking around the neighbourhood around the Cathedral in St Boniface.
All in all a nice chill Sunday after a couple of really busy weeks.

Manitoba has a lot to offer, still lots on our list to cover…

Cheers everyone!

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