Nicaragua 2017 Travel Day

Nicaragua 2017 Travel Day

Oye….we survived the night!
But it took its toll for sure.

Unfortunately most of the benches at Pearson International look more like groupings of chairs strung together….with arm rests. Making it impossible to lie down.

Not a ton of traffic at night, but enough noise and lighting to keep any semblance of sleep to develop.
Interesting contrast between ticket agents for our airline and the ones handling customer service. The ticket agents saw our dilemma and did what they could to put things in motion to help.

The customer service personnel gave me the impression I was interrupting their day.
Not much effort to even try to accommodate. Is that a Winnipeg vs Toronto thing?
Although it’s too late now, at the very least we’ll send some feedback regarding how the situation was handled.

Around 3 am TO time we were able to check our bag and head into the US section of checking us over.
That went relatively smoothly all things considered. I think we were barely coherent and they took pity on us grey haired folk.
We hunkered down in an area that has lots of tables with iPads, debit machines and games on the iPads.
Nope we didn’t take part. Not much of a gambler. That takes a level of discretionary income we just don’t have. It’s bad enough having to gamble on your flights being there 😉

Everything kinda comes to life again at 4:30 am.
After drifting in and out of snoozes, we found Wahlburgers. They serve breakfast! Sure, why not eh?
At 5 am anything looks good.
Decent food, pricy but the guy serving us was real nice.

After filling up with some much needed sustenance we headed back to the waiting area near our next gate and waited for sunrise.

Finally boarded a smaller plane taking us to Houston. Don’t remember much, couldn’t stay awake. Body was telling me, “Stay down idiot! You’re 61! What do you think you’re doing?”

Landed in Houston without incident. I was wondering if we’d see any damage from the hurricane that swept through. But from the air, nothing. Everything looked normal.
No sign of the current hurricane Nate either. Sunny and hot given what we saw people wearing. We hadn’t really stepped outside since being dropped off in Winnipeg.

In Houston we headed off to a restaurant we knew from our last time through. The Republic Restaurant and Bar. At least it’s better than your usual fast food fare. 
Decent selection of beers and burger options. We figured this just might be our last chance for a meal before hitting the resort so…

So steak sandwich it is. Chased down with a Guns and Oil lager. I believe Arlene went with the fish tacos. Both very tasty and filling. 

After a longish day already and some good food, it’s always good to have a massage right?

$5 for 31 minutes. What a deal! Not the same as a real person, but certainly helps loosen things up a bit. Wish we could’ve found these in TO for sleeping!

So we spend our Thanksgiving watching all kinds of people walking by on their smart phones. It’s uncanny really. Almost like they’ve developed a sense of radar. Next step in human development perhaps?
Seven hours to kill last night and another 6ish here today.
Not how it usually goes for us. We’ve always been able to get the trip done in a day with reasonable layovers. 

Looking out the window above the clouds you see some beautiful things. Things you just can’t capture properly through a window with your phone cam. 

I just keep thinking how much MORE we’re going to appreciate the final destination.
So maybe that’s it then. Our struggles and how we handle them will only sharpen our focus on what may lay ahead in the next life.
Pretty heady stuff for a sleep deprived 61 yr old eh?

Cheers everyone…

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