Back to work…

Well…holidays are done, leaves are turning color and school is just around the corner as we head into the ber months. September, October, November, December.
First day back at work was pretty good. Catching up always takes a bit of time, as does getting through whatever piled up while away. We did a new video for our website. Check it out at
At home we’re in the process of switching some rooms around and again, I’m amazed at what accumulates in a teenage daughter’s room…lol. Moving her upstairs and moving my music stuff downstairs. She’s turning into quite the decorator. Too bad I don’t have the money to complete all her ideas 😉
I think she’s looking forward to having a big window facing south letting in a lot of sunshine as opposed to the basement with very little natural light.
Smaller room though, which means she needs to get rid of some of that accumulation. I’m kind liking the setup in the basement. Actually picked up my bass tonight.
Haven’t touched it since end of June. Jammed to a little Johnny Winter. That’s always fun. 
Arlene was busy shredding old papers. I think we burned out the shredder. It’s one of those jobs we’ve been putting off for a while.
Emptied out a 4 drawer filing cabinet. That’s a lot of paper!
Still some organizing to do, but there’s some light at the end of the tunnel.

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