Some final thoughts from our stay away…

Yesterday we talked about the River Ride and going back to Famous Dave’s BBQ.
But before we left for the evening, I needed to watch a bit of the Bomber game. Found a spot online that streamed it live. I only watched the first half before we had to go… disappointing. I really hope this team can get their collective **** together after the break. This team just loves to shoot themselves in the foot.
Anyway, we did head off to Famous Dave’s and had a great time! I already posted a link to the pix on my Facebook page, but if you missed them, here’s a link.
Byran Lee at Famous Dave’s BBQ 
This band was tight, energetic, authentic and interacted well with the crowd. Great atmosphere, awesome food…a terrific way to celebrate our 29th anniversary!
The area around Famous Dave’s had several restaurants and clubs. It reminded me of what Corydon could be or what downtown Montreal is like. Lots of people around having a good time.

The next morning, it was time to pack up and head back. We had moved from the Sheraton to a hotel named Le Bourget Aero Suites. Also a nice place. Not as big as the Sheraton but the room was quite nice.

We pulled out of there about 8 am and headed to a little tourist place called Wayzata. I think I mentioned this place before. Had breakfast on the patio of a place called Sunsets, with a great view of Lake Minnetonka. The patio was lined with a variety of flowers which made for a very pleasant setting for breakfast.
Temp was warm, slightly overcast and no bugs! 
After a scrumptious breakfast of a waffle with fresh blueberries and a big ol’ slab of ham for me and a fruit dish for Arlene, we finally headed out. 
Now the plan was to stay in Fargo for the night. However, we checked into our hotel in West Fargo and realized it’s only a few hours til home. So we checked out again and headed home. No problems at the border, in fact the lady working our lane said, “Welcome home.” We thought that was a great touch! I don’t think I’ve ever been welcomed home coming back from the U.S. before.

We got home around 8:30 pm. Approx 1900 km later. It’s good to be home, but we found that Minneapolis is certainly a place we’d like to re-visit. Once you get the hang of the freeways, it’s pretty easy to get around. People generally are good at letting you in when you need to merge. And sometimes….just sometimes, when you don’t listen to the Garmin, you get to see some pretty nice areas.

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