Gettin’ through winter…

Well, it’s been quite a while since my last post. We’re at the end of January in what’s been a fairly cold spell. It’s been nice to notice that ever so slightly, the amount of light per day is increasing.
Winter is a fair bit different for us now. Kids are in post secondary so there’s no activities to run around to like hockey or indoor track.
Our oldest is in his second year of Culinary at the new RRC campus in the Exchange District. Construction is almost complete at the site and Alex says they should be in the kitchen this coming week. He’s living in res which is one of the oldest bldgs in Wpg.
504 Main St used to be the tallest bldg on the Prairies back in the day. 
They’ve made some very nice renovations and are finishing up what should be a fairly upscale restaurant for the public which the students will use to hone their skills. Under the tutelage of the chefs that teach them.

Our youngest is in her second year at U of W in the faculty of Education. I believe she is going down the History path with some English Lit thrown in for good measure. I don’t quite understand how the whole thing works. I do know that both of them have had to learn some major life lessons along the way. 
All part of growing up. 

She’s living in Roslyn Court in the Osborne village. Another historic bldg that’s been renovated. They’ve kept a lot of the older wood trim. Wide baseboards and door frames. I’ve always liked these older bldgs in Winnipeg and it’s nice to see them being put to good use rather than left to crumble.

As for us….it’s work work work work…come home go to bed, get up and do it all over again.
I find it tough with the darkness. I find myself wanting to go to bed way early. Add to that we’ve cut the satellite service til June. Although there’s enough online programs through Netflix and NHL Game Center to fill the void.
The idea was to finally get down to some projects without the distraction of TV.
So far it’s a struggle lol. But we are saving about $100/month. 

Arlene does LOTS of reading on her iPad. It’s her escape from the long hours she puts in at work. We’ve reached that point in our relationship where we can spend an evening in the same room and no words need be spoken. It’s just nice to be together.

I’m still trying to learn more about photography. That takes time to go out and shoot. With the cold temps, it’s been a little tough to get out there. 

Here are some shots taken with B/W film. I started with film many many moons ago. Haven’t touched it for years. With film I certainly have to take more time in composing because of being limited to the number of shots in your roll of film. Shooting digital, it’s endless and I think sometimes the trade off is the thought process isn’t quite as detailed. If you don’t like it, just delete it. That option isn’t possible in the film world. If the pic doesn’t turn out, it’s garbage and the that’s money gone. The other thing is you don’t get the instant gratification from seeing your picture on the back of the camera. You have to wait for the film to be developed!
In this day of instant everything, that takes some getting used to.

I’ve also hooked up with some great guys in Altona to play some music with. Doing a mix of classic rock and blues. We’ve got about 25 songs under our belts. Not your top 40 type songs. But a nice mix, in my humble opinion, of Clapton, Trower, ZZ Top, The Hip, The Wallflowers, 54-40 etc. Been great pushing to learn new stuff again.

This was taken at our fist venture outside the garage we practice in. Luckily you can’t see my knees knocking in this pic. This was at Plum Fest in Plum Coulee MB. 
There were a few little hiccups but all in all we had a great time.

So there we have a bit of a catch up blog. I guess, this is one of the things I wanted to get back to. So mission accomplished. Now back to winter…..

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