Minni Trip – Day 4 or Thursday for those of you keeping track at home…

 Well…today was a little more relaxed. 
Woke up, got outa bed….dragged a comb across my head…. Anyone know what song that is from?
We walked over to a Perkins close to our hotel for breakfast. Busy place!  A whole table of Apple guys having a meeting. Another business guy at the table next to us had his Blackberry on loud ring and it went off every couple of minutes.
Our waitress didn’t display the cheerfulness yesterday’s did. Maybe just having a bad day. Not sure I could keep a happy face on all day working there either.
Keeping track of all the tables and their orders…whew…I have a lot of respect for servers in restaurants.
Back at the hotel, did a little research to plan the day. We set this day aside as a day to do something we didn’t get to. Arlene has always wanted to take a ride on the Mississippi River. So we headed over to St Paul to buy tix for a River Boat ride. Nice ride to a large green space on Harriet Island. We got there earlier than expected so we just kicked back and watched the river go by. Still very much a working river. Barges getting pushed up and down the river by tug boats or “pushers”. 
It’s been a sneaky hot day. Overcast but humid. Temps near 27-28C. 
The double deck boat got underway at 2 pm. The ride lasts about 90 minutes. We sat at the front on the outside deck. More rock and thick foliage along the river than I thought. It was fun to sit back and imagine all the historical events that took place in that area. 
Must’ve seen at least 6 eagles swooping in and out of the trees. If only I had a better lens on my camera…..hmmmm….
Met some nice people. One from San Francisco who wanted to talk cameras and lenses and another nice couple that moved to Minneapolis (he from Chicago, she from Fargo).
Mississippi River Pix
After the boat ride was over, we headed back to the hotel. Stopped for a bite at the Mall of America. 
Now we’re just relaxing, hoping to head out to Famous Dave’s again tonight, but first I have to figure out a way to watch the Bomber game.
Hope it’s being streamed online.
Tomorrow morning, the plan is the have breakfast at a Bistro in Wayzata then off to Fargo for the night and home again. Unless of course….something A-D-D happens along the way.

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