Wow! Got through a whole day at work with no ill effects. This iron stuff seems to be working. Maybe we’ll continue to take it forever and ever and ever….

Crazy busy day at work on New Years Eve. Lots of people looking for last minute deals. Felt good to get through a day normally as well.

Spent New Years Eve at home. Arlene’s not feeling that well and I didn’t want to push my luck. Watched an awesome hockey game between Canada and the U.S. in the World Jr Tournament! Tons of action, fall behind 3-0, then come back to win it 7-4! Not even a playoff game. Lots of intensity. Definitely has taken over as the number 1 rivalry from Canada/Russia.

We made it all the way to midnight…barely… then it was lights out. Not exactly party people.

Starting to feel like my old self. Not 100% yet, but getting some energy back. Hopefully it continues. I don’t say anything’s for sure anymore. Too many curves thrown my way.

Looking like today’s going to be a lazy day. Watching the Winter Classic with Chicago and Detroit playing outdoors at Wrigley Field. Good game so far.

Expecting our son home for a visit. Haven’t seen him for a bit. I’m sure he’s looking forward to some home cooked food too!

Well, time for a nap…

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