Some answers….finally….

I think I’ve mentioned that I’m not a patient patient. I’ve been trying to spend more time at work and lately my batteries have really been running dry.
Last Saturday for example, was clipping along just fine until 4 pm….then bang! Ran into a wall. Not literally, just my body felt incredibly weak. Stuck it out for another hour then just went home and melted into the couch for a couple of hours.
Tried work again today and managed just 4 hours until I felt the same wall coming at me.
Was lucky enough to see my Dr right away. Did a quick blood test which revealed that my red blood count and iron was waaaaay low. No wonder I was running out of gas so quick. He’s getting me on some iron pills and other vitamins which should help build it up again. I’ve been told again to back off on doing to much. I guess this is just going to take a while to heal. The incisions look good…they just sting. That’s the skin piecing itself back together. He assured me everything looks normal, I just need to rest and build up the blood count again.
My wife Arlene is struggling with a nasty cold that came on real fast. Guess ’tis the season.
It’s her birthday tomorrow…..need to get something. Hmmmm….something for the house or something personal…..
Our band played in church yesterday. I always enjoy that. As mentioned, they are a great bunch of people! We’ve grown to be pretty close. Pretty wiped after that though. Again with the limited energy. Good thing I had the afternoon to nap.
Watched Canada demolish Kazakstan (not sure of the spelling). Not much fun to watch after the first few goals. 15-0 finish. U.S. vs Czech Republic was a much better game to watch.
Well, time to go pick up the magic pills. Then hunker down and see if Canada can knock off Germany.

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