Spring is coming….I can feel it….

Wow, that was quite the long cold spell we had in Dec/Jan! I guess it wouldn’t have been quite so bad but we had all that wind with the cold.
The good news is we’re starting to get longer days and the cold snaps are just that, short snaps. Lots of days with bearable temps.
Feeling pretty good these days. Surgery is pretty much healed up. I can actually start lifting stuff again.
Zodiac Girls hockey is done. Tough season, but the girls really did well in their playoff games. Finishing last, they had to play first place Altona. I don’t think anyone expected them to play as well as they did. Behind some stellar goaltending from Shanley Peters, they took the first game in OT, then lost a close one 1-0 at home.
The rubber match went to the Altona with a 5-3 score including an empty netter at the end. All 3 games were an absolute treat to watch! Unfortunately, Jax had to miss the first 2 games with a sprained neck, but was well enough to play in game 3.
Speaking of Jax, she did a video at school that earned her a 100%.


She’s also taking part in the Candlewick production “The Robe” this Easter. Someone involved with the play saw the video and asked if she’d be interested. So that’s kinda cool.
Alex is back home for now. The Wpg thing just didn’t generate enough to sustain rent etc etc. He was planning on coming back to lifeguard in Winkler this summer anyway, so it’s all good.
He still goes in for his xcompany stuff on weekends.
Jax is also getting baptised in a week, so that’s a big day for her.
Arlene’s been putting in lots of hours at work lately, which is really the norm for RHA employees. They had some seminars going this weekend so she had to help with that Thurs/Fri/Sat.
We had a so-so January at work. First week was good, middle was absolutely dead! I think all the credit card bills from Christmas must’ve hit. The last week was good and actually made for a decent month for sales. We’ve got most of our cars indoors at the Southland Mall til the middle of March. Makes for more comfortable browsing during the winter months. Bit of a job to get them in and out, but the mall staff has been great at helping us co-ordinate that.
On the music front, our band was scheduled to play in church when we had to move to Morden Collegiate for one Sunday. We usually meet in the Morden Rec Center, but they had something else booked. Well, the gym at the collegiate is not the greatest for sound so we decided to go without bass/drums as it would get too boomy. So it was Brian and the girls doing an acoustic set. They did a great job. So good in fact that I told our drummer we may not be needed anymore…lol.
Well, I guess that’s enough for now….

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