Come and gone…..

Well, Christmas has come and gone for another year. We did things a little different this year. Our son could only make it out on the 24th so we opened gifts that night instead of Christmas morning. Didn’t feel quite right….
We did the traditional watching of the movie Christmas Story, you know, the one with the kid that wants a BB gun but everyone says he’ll shoot his eye out. We love that one. Then we had Chinese stir fry.
Santa handed out mostly practical gifts this year. I guess that’s what happens as your kids get older. Our son was actually disappointed he didn’t get more socks….go figure…
He did get a Batman figurine though. And our daughter finally got a real ipod. She’s had a few other mp3 players, but none of them really work as well as the real deal. We’ve tried.
I received a 2 DVD set of the Eric Clapton Crossroads Festival. Total surprise to me. Really enjoy it. Lots of good guitar acts..Buddy Guy, Jeff Beck, Johnny Winter etc. plus Clapton.
We want to replace our gas range with a new one, so that’ll be Arlene’s and my gift to each other.
No gatherings to speak of during Christmas. We had the Neufeld gathering earlier and the Peters side doesn’t really get together anymore since Mom and Dad passed on.
I’m still recovering from surgery, but getting stronger. Went for a walk around the block today. Weather was nice for winter. At least it wasn’t in the minus 30’s with bone chilling wind. That’s supposed to come later tonight.
Another Colorado low coming to dump snow then a north wind to whip it up.
It’s been nice to sit and relax at home the last two days. Watched a Star Trek marathon all day yesterday. That was cool. Today we start watching the World Junior Tournament.
Well, I need to go driving with our daughter….wish us luck…

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