What day is it again?…I’m losing track of time here…

I know this is getting repetitive, but it bears repeating, we woke up to another beautiful day here in Gran Pacifica.

Sunshine and warm breezes greet us every morning. Our 760 sq ft one bedroom condo is all the space we could possibly need on this trip with just the two of us.
Kitchen, laundry, living room, dining area and a patio facing the ocean.
The washer/dryer in the room allows for light packing…well at least for one of us 😉 Just kidding…
What I lack in clothing I more than make up for in camera gear.

I ventured out around 6 am to take a few shots around the pool area. We’ve spent a fair bit more time here than past trips. Picturesque, relaxing and poolside service from the Sea Salt restaurant from friendly staff if you need bite or a thirst quencher.
Or just grab a couple of chairs and listen to the rhythm of the waves as the tide flows in and out. It’s sure to melt your stress away.

In the afternoon, Spencer loaded up the Hilux with a few of us that wanted to try surfing or just hanging out at a long untouched stretch of beach, Ausuchillas. We spent some time there our last trip and really wanted to get back.
Tide was higher this time and the waves weren’t the best for learning to surf. But that didn’t dampen the spirits of the crew dancing with the waves. One thing Spencer warned them about was how to bring the board into the water. Too often newbs walk in like they’re carrying a flat sheet of 8×4 plywood crosswise and WHAM! even a small wave will knock you ass over tea kettle in a hurry.

Fighting the waves can be exhausting. One gal did manage to get on her feet while others were able to ride in on their knees or belly.

Then there’s my dear wife. Without warning she picks up a board and heads for the water. You all remember the broken ankle from our first trip right? Of course, everyone does. My thoughts exactly.
Bless her soul, she did get in the water, fought a couple of waves, had the board drag her around a bit then came out laughing and exhausted.
I give her all kinds of credit for jumping in. Even with good knees I’m not so sure I would’ve attempted it.

 Remember the sheet of plywood thing Spencer mentioned at orientation? She didn’t either…

She’s so fun to travel with 😉

Clouds started to move in and we headed back. Back at the resort, a ride was waiting for us to whisk us away to Gordon and Pita’s for cocktail hour. Well, not exactly whisk, but this solar powered electric vehicle does a fine job of transporting people for an area like this.

They own a lovely 3 bedroom home on the property. We got the tour and were amazed to see a bathroom for each bedroom. Open space, cane ceilings and window openings designed for air movement from the prevailing breezes.
Dining room is outside under a roof. If I remember correctly it’s about 1100 sq ft one level and solar powered. You’re essentially off the grid. That’s the focus of the houses being built here. As eco friendly as possible. The place is for sale. Just sayin’

While having a splendid visit with our hosts, a spectacular lightning storm rolled in. You can kind of tell because the humidity spikes. I was dying to get my camera. Multiple strikes like I posted a couple of days ago, except MUCH closer. The thunder is different here than back home. Seems more intense, hits you in the chest like a well EQ’d kick drum at a concert. No wind with it either. The brief rain came straight down. We never moved from our outside table and never got wet.

After a while, Gordon drove us “home” we made supper then spent the evening at the Sea Salt with Patrick, Spencer and an intern starting work here named Jane. She’s from Northern Cali and is getting a course in Canadianism. She’s got a good sense of humor and a gentle spirit. And of course she won’t eat meat lol.

Nothing on the slate for tomorrow, Sunday right? Only a couple of days left. Need to drink in as much as we can to last the winter back home.


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