Thanksgiving in Nicaragua – Day 4

Day 4 and no ill effects yet, if you know what I mean. I’m starting to think staying out of the mid day heat and cooking in the condo is contributing so far….fingers crossed.
Not saying anything wrong about the restaurant here. Far from it. They serve very good food. Friendly servers. All in all a good experience. We’re just lily white North Americans accustomed to our regulated sanitized way of life.
The past few trips consisted of trying to cram as much in as possible in the time we had. That meant being out and about most days.
This trip has been more about the relaxing, dipping in the pool and walks along the beach.

The walks along the beach…whoa, if I haven’t lost a few lbs, I’m doing something very wrong.
Going north is definitely harder. More up and down and very soft sand. South is a little easier. Flat and when the tide is out the sand is nicely packed.



We try and get out in the morning before the heat and humidity reach their peak.
Yesterday seemed to vary a lot. Felt a lot of humidity early. Especially during the walk. For an out of shape desk jockey, it tires you out in a hurry.
Late afternoon it seemed to relent somewhat. Very comfortable for me. I did ask Arlene if she needed a sweater ;-P. Just kidding.
Then when the thunderstorm was passing in the distance it picked up again.

Late in the evening, 9 pm for us, we seemed to be surrounded by a light show. Flashes south, west and north of us. Out in the distance we could see the lights from the fishing boats out on the ocean for the night. We said a little prayer for their safety, although I’m sure they’ve seen this kind of thing before. The boats aren’t huge and we marvel at how they navigate the waves in the dark of the night.

There’s a plan afoot to make a trip to Masa Chapa Friday morning. Not sure there will be room for me. The two crazy Canuck couples we’ve friended want to pack into a Toyota Hilux and head out early. We were there last trip and experienced the scene of these boats bringing in their fresh catch.

Straight from the boat to the merchants to the consumer. It’s quite a scene. But if you want fresh, this is the way to get it.

Tried using a lightning trigger last night, but I think the light source was too far away. Plan B was a cable release. Waiting for a close up storm to hit us. This will have to do for now.

As I write this, it’s almost 9 am. Been awake for 4 hours already. Had breakfast, coffee and a beach walk. Real feel is in the 30s. Time to cool down.

As always, you can catch up on the latest pix at this link:


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