Thanksgiving in Nicaragua – Day 5 Oct 13

There’s a stark difference between this trip so far and our previous ones. Mostly it’s because I haven’t scheduled a bunch of outings. So it’s more about staying around the resort and taking the odd outing when others are going. A little more relaxed with a sprinkling of spontaneity.

It continues to be mostly sunny and hot. Humidity fluctuates somewhat, which keeps the real feel temps up there. So if we’re going to take a walk on the beach, it’s early morning or just before sunset.

Today we headed south. I’ve gotten into the habit of letting Patrick know when we leave and which way we’re going. My family will understand why 😉

It’s always interesting to see the locals out fishing or the North Americans out challenging the waves with their surf boards. These are the rocks that show during low tide. These are the ones the surfers are trying to avoid when they’re out there. These are why it’s considered expert only on this beach.

We couldn’t get as far down the beach as we wanted due to a river that feeds into the ocean at certain times of the day. I say at certain times because it changes.
Here’s what it looked like in the morning.

It’s not that deep and we could have attempted it. But with my clumsiness and holding a camera, we didn’t think it was wise.
In the evening, after high tide had come and gone it looked like this.

All filled in and the water held back. The change was amazing to see for me. Showed me just how much the ocean can change things within a few hours.

As advertised, the evening provided another great sunset. I also took a short walk on the golf course as we were headed back. It doesn’t get used a whole lot yet. While taking a picture of one of the greens I met one of the developers that’s putting up houses in the area. He still feels strongly that this area will ignite and available properties will become scarce.
There’s still talk of the Chinese wanting to build a canal through Nica which could potentially boost the economy greatly. There are those who argue though, at what cost? How much does the simple way of life stay simple? How much will it affect the environment and wildlife?
A balancing act for sure.

After sunset we joined the current group of Canucklheads for the evening cocktails. It was happy Thursday, which means Happy Hour all day. I was bugging Patrick that I still hadn’t seen a proper storm come over. Most seemed to go north or south of us.
Tonight was the night. You could feel it coming. You could hear it coming. Then it was right over top of us.
Scrambled to get set up. It seemed to blow over us then circle back. It was a great light show.
Now coming from the prairies I realize we’ve seen these before, but not over an ocean.
And some here had not experienced lightning like this. It was all new for them.

Here’s a sample. And yes the small fishing boats were still out there. This was non-stop for a long time. Great to watch from where we were, but my pants would’ve seen some damage had I been out on the water with this going on. As usual, the full gallery can be seen on my photo site:

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