Guess where we’re heading?

We were undecided about where to take a holiday. We kinda tossed between going back to Nicaragua or a road trip down to Nashville.
The idea of hitting the open road and seeing the Ozark mountains was appealing, especially if we could hit the colors of autumn.
Plans were in place. It was 90% sure. Nashville, via Branson MO, Memphis TN. Catching a show by our friend Julie Meyers in Branson along the way.
Then a funny thing happened while we were chillin’ on a Monday night. One of the apps I use to track flights, Hopper, popped up on my iPhone and told me flights to Managua had dropped.
I looked at Arlene and wondered aloud about the possibility of changing plans….again.
I messaged our friend Patrick if he’d still have room for us. It was affirmative. Of course! he said.
Well, the flight was decent, out of Winnipeg, to Toronto to Houston to Managua with nice gaps in between so we didn’t have to sprint to the make the next flight. That ship has sailed.

So….we hit the “Book this flight” button and now we’re headed to Gran Pacifica, Nicaragua!
We fly out Oct 9, at 5:45 am. Land in Managua around 8 pm. It’s a long day of travel, but the destination is so worth it. We love the Gran Pacifica site situated right on the Pacific ocean.

Our friend and owner, Patrick Hiebert, is part of a group that has built a clinic in the area. He’s got such a big heart for the people down there. We couldn’t be prouder of this former member of Plum Coulee.
We hope to document some of the recent work in pictures when we get there.

Another reason to go during this time is that it is the rainy season. That may be odd to some, but there is the chance of photographing some thunder storms over the ocean at this time.

Not planning to run around much on this trip. Just chill, listen to the ocean and relax….

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