Time to wind down before we leave…

One of our goals this trip was to have Alex prepare a supper for our hosts. Alex got the chance to make a short trip into Managua to experience purchasing ingredients from a market. The capital of Managua is only an hour away and has a large market. Larger than the ones we saw in Leon or Granada.
With Osman along to navigate and translate off we went. Along with food stuffs, this market has leather goods, shoes/boots, all sorts of clothing displayed on what came to be known as the J-Lo mannequins. Knives, machetes, cigars, rum this place had it all.
One of the guests we came to know on this trip came back with $800 U.S. worth of purses/bags! I wish I could’ve watched her try to get those past customs.

Some things we couldn’t find at the market so Osman showed us La Colonial. It has more of a regular supermarket look that we’d all recognize, including brand names. The meat display was a little different…

Unfortunately, between time constraints and dealing with heat stroke, Alex never did make that meal. Felt real bad about that, but our host Patrick and the others were more than gracious about it. We’d just shift gears and all meet at a large table for a big meal together at the restaurant. I think they’re used to dealing with travelers that succumb to the elements.

Beach combing at low tide extended the opportunity to see little tide pools and the critters contained within. Interesting formations carved out by the crashing surf create nooks and crannys for brightly colored fish, sea urchins and crab colonies.

Patrick’s son Spencer and some of his friends were staying on the property, trading maintenance work for room and board and of course, the opportunity to explore surfing. They were nice enough to invite Jacki to give it a try. On this day the tide was rather low and the waves were breaking too early. But for a raw rookie the conditions allowed her to get used the basics and she was able to stay up for her 7 seconds of fame 😉

The next day the waves were much higher. They’d been predicting this all week and they finally arrived, as did some surfers that follow this type of thing. We planned to spend a morning on this beautiful stretch of little known beach and truth be told, we’d trade some of the tours for more days taking in this beautiful area. Miles of beach, crashing surf and no buildings. Obviously the plan is to develop the area, but it was nice to take it in before any of that happens.


Time for the obligatory family photos:

And so there you have it. A dream trip that at this point in time seems like just that…a dream. Gone by too quickly. My memory grasping to remember details Extremely thankful for the opportunity to share this with our family. Thank goodness for cameras, for without them it would be impossible to go back and revisit all that it was.

Sunsets were always a highlight of the day or end of day as it were. Some cloud cover would provide a unique canvas that was never the same from day to day. As you can see here, Jacki and Arlene were witnessing one of the last ones for this trip.

It was another memorable experience and we’d like to thank Patrick Hiebert, Osman and Angela, all the servers and office staff that made our visit feel like coming back to see family. Time to start saving up for a return trip.

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