Nica Trip 2016 Gotta get that morning walk in…

Call it getting used to the heat or still tired from the trip down here, I’ve been a little slow at getting these written. Still have a couple of days of pictures to go through.

The mornings here we’ve been going for the morning walks we’d been waiting for since a year ago when the walks were cut short. We were joined this morning by a friend we met here, Lisa. Very energetic! She is here travelling with Patrick’s sister Ruth. We met at breakfast the first day and had a great visit with them and Patrick. It’s one of the things we’ve come to love about this place. Getting together with people and striking up new friendships. Patrick’s son and some of his friends are down here as well. Slowly getting to know them as well.

So for the first couple of days we kept it pretty low key. Morning walk, massage by the ocean (check mark) pool time, which for me is a big deal because I don’t do the pool very often. It’s pretty warm down here so the pool is a welcome relief. We’re trying to keep the AC to a minimum due to the high cost of power here. Not much of a problem really. Coming in from 35C heat to 27C actually feels pretty good. Ceiling fans going steady helps as well.

Plans in the works include a couple of day trips, one to Leon and Las Penitas getting to some local markets, visiting a place called Playa del Roco and the Lazy Turtle. I’ll fill in details on those in the next blog.

Some of the people we know are at a place called Burrito Bob’s tonight. Bob is originally from Georgia and has purchased a Harley. He’s joined a Harley club in Nica and is hosting some 300 bikers at his Burrito place down the road a ways. Decided to pass on that one lol.

Anyway, here’s a couple of pics from our walk today. You can see the rest by clicking here.

I’ll do my best to keep up to date from here on out…

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  1. Lori here…enjoying your photos and commentary! Looking forward to more in the days to come.


  2. Merle Peters says:

    Hi Lori and Harold! We were at an amazing fishing village, Masachapa, yesterday. You've probably been there. Picked up some red snapper and shrimp right off the boats and had the restaurant prepare them for us last night!
    Just something different about fresh off the boat 😉
    Heading to Granada today and the monkey islands.
    I'll have a couple days to catch up after that…


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