Wow….it’s been a year since posting??

How time flies….

Let’s see, what’s happened in the last year that kept me so busy.

Work was work. Been at Southland Honda 17 yrs now. Some faces have come and gone, but most are still there. That says something for most car dealerships. At least the ones in the bigger centres. When I think of the staffing at our store, as well as, Hometown Ford and Janzen Chevrolet there are a lot of folks that have stuck around. I think continuity is a good thing.

Our son Alex, got married Nov 2, 2013 to his long time girl friend Sandra Sawatzky. Nice simple wedding. Alex even had a hand in prepping the food. They seem so well suited for each other.

Here he is serving up a delicious steak and lobster plate for me at Mulligans where he works along side Chef Nathan Pelser. So proud of his accomplishments and passion for his craft. I won’t lie, it’s great sampling too!

Our daughter Jacki is working her way through post secondary life. And with it the diversions that come with changing focus from time to time. But, I think a plan is coming into focus! I won’t say what it is for fear of it changing LOL.

Here’s my two lovelies together. 

Arlene is still at the RHA or Southern RHA as it’s now known. Twenty five years now I believe. Man, where do the years go?
She has shown a new interest in photography, but more on that later.

I continued to take pix at Bomber games. This year has been way better than the last few. I’ve been a fan for many years, but I can’t remember a time when morale was so low. The other photogs and I used to joke about what in the world we would shoot other than the opposition. Quite a challenge. I often have people remark that it must be great to watch the game from so close up. It is nice being that close to the action, but most of the time I’m looking through a lens and don’t get to see the game the same way anymore. I usually PVR the game and watch later.
I must say, that getting to know the other photogs has been a great experience for me. They are quality people. Hard working. Passionate about what they do and so creative. I feel so fortunate to rub shoulders with them and pick up a few tips along the way.

The band I’m in, The Committee, continues to evolve. Our keyboard/sax player, Terry Klassen, had to step away in order to get his new shop expansion and business, Terry’s Test and Tune, the time it deserved to grow.
So enter guitarist Dennis Kehler. Well known in these parts. He’s fit in nicely musically and chemistry wise as well. We’ve been able to add more guitar driven songs which makes for a shift in our set list.

These guys are a blast to hang with and play music with. Practices are a delight. 
Shameless plug alert: We have a gig in Osterwick Sept 27. The Janzen barn about 2 1/2 miles south of Osterwick. Great venue on the second floor of his barn. 
$15 at the door gets you a night of music and a meal! How good is that?? Fun starts around 8:30.
Now about that photography. Arlene got her own camera this year and we’ve taken some Sundays this summer to go explore places in southern Manitoba we’ve never been to before. 
Like the Sprague/Moose Lake area. Which has zero cell service by the way lol. Makes things a little weird for a guy like me.
Also checked out a place called Cooks Creek just east of Wpg. Once every two years they have a medieval festival complete with jousting and sword fights. We missed the festival by a day, but plan to go back next time around.
Anyway, it’s been kind of cool setting a destination and shooting pix.
Last summer we took a plunge and set off to see Newfoundland. If you’ve never gone, you really should consider it. Loved the people, food, scenery. You can read about that trip here
We’re planning a trip for December of this year. I’ll fill in the blanks on that one next time. Promise it won’t take a year.

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