Minneapolis Trip

Aug 15/10
So we didn’t get on the road quite as early as we wanted, mostly cuz we stayed up way too late Saturday night and needed the sleep.
Anyway, by 10 am we were on our way. Went through Emerson crossing. Only took about 10 minutes. Checked in the Canadian side first to register our camera stuff and electronics. Lady behind the desk acted like I interrupted her day. I had a pre printed list with serial numbers ready for them as instructed by the good guys at the Winkler crossing. Should’ve maybe crossed there instead. Oh well, the guy next to her was pleasant and got it done.
We made our way to Fargo for lunch. Stopped at a place called Qdoba Grill authentic Mexican food. More like a fast food version. My burrito sat in my gut like a lump for the rest of the day.
The terrain changed from flat to rolling the further east we drove on I94. Some nice scenery along the way. Traffic built up as well. The closer to Minni we got, both lanes of the interstate filled up. We actually came to a stop several times due to the traffic. That has never happened to me before. You go from scootin’ along at 75-80 mph down to a full stop in a hurry.

Finally Minni was in our sites and we made all the turns Garmin told us to. I must’ve hit a detour button, cuz all at once we were taken off the interstate and down some back roads to our hotel. We still arrived ok, and honestly, it was a less stressful ride.
The hotel, Sheraton in Bloomington, is quite nice. Very large. We used priceline.com to book and got a room on the 20th floor with a kingsize bed for $50/night. The bed feels great and the room is quiet. We had supper at TGIF which is on the parking lot.
Supper was real good and the dessert was as well. Service was fast and friendly.
Spent the evening resting and making a plan for Monday.

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