April showers anyone?

Anyone else think it’s a little odd that we’ve had all this warm weather and no rain to speak of? I mean, the warm weather is great and after last year, more that welcome. But I’m old enough to have seen this show before.
Either we get really warm and dry all season (can anyone say drought?) or we have this great weather in April/May then it turns cold and rainy for July/August after which…..bang….it’s winter!
Time will tell. Might as well enjoy it day by day.
Our daughter just got back from a choir tour to Banff. She had a great time. Unfortunately, her camera died on the trip so no pix.
Well, I guess we’ll just have to go back….hmmm, perhaps this summer. Road Trip!
Crazy windy out there today. Supposed to blow in some thunder storms then cold weather. For a day, then back to warm. Meh, it’s April…anything can happen.
Having church at the PW this week and our band is scheduled. Always fun to play there.
Our band is scheduled to take the summer off this year. We haven’t done that before so we’ll see how that goes. Right now we’re the only band going at church. Hopefully someone steps up soon and picks up some of the load.
Well, back to game 7 of Washington and Montreal. Gotta admit, I’m cheering for the Caps. Local boy Eric Fehr is with Washington and quite frankly….I just can’t cheer for the Habs.

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