Still slowly….slowly…

Spent some time at work everyday this week. Still can’t get a full day in, but it feels good to contribute.
Had another followup appt with Dr this week. Everything looks good. He told me it could be another couple of months to heal properly. Apparently it was a bigger procedure than anyone figured. So we wait…..and wait…..
The weather doesn’t really help. Still crazy cold out. Probably one of my biggest peeves is the amount of clothing you have to wear. Everything just feels so bulky, especially when trying to get the seat belt on. Especially for a guy my size.
Funny, Christmas is this week and we just not feeling it. Not sure why, perhaps it’s the fact kids are getting older and one is out of the house. My parents are both gone, so there’s no gathering there. Most of my siblings have grand kids of their own, so that’ll be the focus for them. I think it will be relatively quiet. Again, the weather doesn’t make me want to get out and do much anyway.
On a positive note, it’s been pretty steady at work. Nice to see not everyone is buying in to the whole recession story.
Well, time to make some coffee and get settled in for some Sunday afternoon football.

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