Been at home a week now. I feel way older than I should. They took the staple out last Friday (12th), now it’s just a matter of healing. I was told to stay home til the middle of January. Any of you that work on commission, know that’s not an option. So I’m starting to go in for a couple hours a day til I can get some strength back.

Went for a bit of a walk in the mall last Saturday. Think I lasted once around the block. I can’t believe how much this has taken out of me.

Anyway, it felt good to out of the house today and back at my desk, even if it was only for a couple of hours. There’s only so much TV one can handle.

It doesn’t help that it’s as cold as it is either. Windchills of -40ish are nasty.

I’m not supposed to lift anything at all at this point. Feels silly being as big as I am and not being able to lift anything. On the other hand, I do not want to go through that all again, so I guess that’s one I’ll listen to.

Very thankful for my wife and daughter for all their help. I’m way happier convelascing at home rather than in the hospital.

No fevers to speak of this past week, so maybe we’re done with that.

I’m not a patient patient. But then again, I’m not in control….so it’s slow and steady.

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