Winter is here….

So we have winter….
Environment Canada is predicting a little colder than normal winter this year. So what’s normal? I guess it’ll be more like the winters I remember growing up…cold and lots of snow. Glad I have a snow blower.
With winter comes hockey….lots of it. Jax is playing on two teams so that keeps us hopping, just keeping up with the scheduled games and practices is a challenge.
They’re a young team, mostly bantam age, playing against midget age girls. It’s going alright. If they can keep everyone together for the next few years, they should do ok.
We went to see our son’s Christmas concert Friday night at Prov. They had a brass and string ensemble accompanying them. Sounded very nice. They looked pretty sharp in their tuxes.

We call this one, small, medium and large… figure it out.
I called it the good, the bad and the ugly….again you figure it out…
Jax’s midget team just had a tourney this weekend in which they lost all three games 2-1. A little frustrating for them. They worked pretty hard all three games.
Christmas is fast approaching and we haven’t really done any shopping yet. Seems like we’re buying stuff everyday.
Funny how the requests have changed. Alex is asking for the basics…..socks and stuff. Jax wants ram for her pc. It’s just interesting.
Well, time to shut ‘er down for the night….

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