Wow…what a day! Started with playing at a service at the Concert Hall. Then a ridiculously roller coaster football game with the Bombers winning on a game ending field goal by Troy Westwood. Kids put up the Christmas Tree, which our new cat promptly climbed into!
Alex was home for the day, Jacki served (also plays bass) in a youth worship band….all in all a full day. I’m spent…
Never did get that afternoon nap. Sometimes that would bug me, but not today for some reason. Sometimes I look forward to that afternoon nap on a day like this. Carefully planning it for right after lunch, getting cozy on the couch with some kind of sports on tv and blissfully floating off into one of those drool producing sleeps. The kind that when you do wake up, you have no idea where you are….
Too much goin’ on today though. Wound up taking some pix today. Family stuff, a rose that’s still blooming…outside….in November! Weird….
Tomorrow it’s setup time for 750 Praise. It’s a time of bringing in a band and doing an hour of singing at Emmanuel. His Song is coming in for tomorrow. They’re a very good band that does a great job of leading worship.
Wished I could have been in two places at once today. The one service with Hillside was good in that it dealt with low self esteem and the reminder that God looks deeper that outside looks and that He loves you unconditionally.
The service at Emmanuel was continuing with a peace theme. Reminding us that the peace position isn’t an anabaptist idea, but a Jesus idea started a long time ago.
Oh well, can’t do it all…
One thing I was reminded of today was that we have good kids. Do we have our differences? Absolutely! But all in all, they are a blessing. A good relationship is worth more than all the money in the world.
Well, time to sleep….missed that nap….

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