Random thoughts on a rainy Thanksgiving Monday…

One of my favorite weekends of the year. Baseball, Football and Hockey all going at the same time….I am truly thankful.
I know, I know…frivolous stuff…what I’m really thankful for is a warm dry home in all this dark dreary weather. I’m thankful that I can go for a walk with my wife after a very filling thanksgiving supper with family.
I’m thankful for good relationships with our kids, who are proving everyday they aren’t so much kids anymore.
I am thankful that I can express my opinion without fear of reprisal from our government.
I am thankful for a God who is still in control, even when it doesn’t appear that way in society.
I am looking forward to playing some music for 750 Praise tonight in our church.
Our son Alex is home from Prov this weekend and it is exciting to hear about the stuff he’s learning. Exploring real life and how his faith fits this world we live in.
At the time of this post, the rain continues to come down. Even that is good because we haven’t had any for quite some time and the ground was really getting hard.
Yesterday, our pastor, John Klassen, challenged us not to get so complacent and pious as to think that we no longer needed God in our lives. We have so much and are so self reliant, it’s easy to get big headed and think that we did it all on our own.

Well, that’s about it for now….time for more turkey…

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