All the leaves are brown….and the skies are gray…

Wow, does it ever feel like fall today. Cold, windy, rainy, dreary….yuck!
Good day at work today. We launched the 2008 Honda Accord. Good turn out. Honda did a nice job on the new design. Bigger, faster, more aggressive looking. We sold one right out of the gate. Couple took it for a ride and bang….done! Wish they were all like that.
Home alone tonight. Son isn’t coming home for the weekend, Arlene took Jax to Wpg for her swimming club. So it’s just me and the animals watching a Bomber game.
Not even hungry, we had a ton of snacks for the event. Brownies, lemon squares, shrimp dip, some kind of black forest cake trifle…it was ridiculous!
Been getting some feedback on a letter to the editor I wrote. It would appear as though I said publicly what others were thinking. Using taxpayers money to buy a hotel on prime land for a hotel in order to change it into office space is dicey.
I still believe it should stay a hotel. Bring back a family friendly attitude and it would work. The elitist direction they were going alienated them from regular folk.
But regardless of the actions from the shareholders, the division shouldn’t have gone there. The shareholders are looking after their affairs and if they can get someone to buy, good for them. The division has to consider the taxpayer and I think that is something they forgot.
Anyway, hopefully it’s not a done deal. I’d be very disappointed if that happened.

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