Breaking Ground…

So imagine if you will, waking up on a sunny morning, any morning because the vast majority are sunny in all the trips I’ve been here, and seeing this…click here

Construction is beginning on another grouping of beach front condos here at Gran Pacifica


The longer building at the top of the picture is the existing condo that Arlene and I usually stay in. The semi-circle is on the other or south side of the Sea Salt Restaurant. From what I understand, two of the buildings are sold out already.

*Since writing this blog the $129,000 units are SOLD. You can still get pre construction pricing of $139,900. Prices will rise as inventory decreases.

From what I’ve learned in the week I’ve been here, some are sold to investors interested in the rental income they provide, some are sold to folks wanting a lifestyle change. Some for both. There is a management company here that will rent the space out for you if you plan on spending a few months here and the rest of the year back home wherever that may be.


Above is COO Patrick Hiebert and owner Sandy Farwell are happy to get the spade in the ground to kick things off, but as you can see, heavier equipment came in today to get the serious work done. Click here.

Of course both the new and more established condos are steps away from breakfast, lunch or dinner at the Sea Salt Restaurant. We’ve found the food to be very good both in quality and presentation. The staff are a ton of fun and are helping, but mostly giggling at our use of Spanish.



Here’s a link to a page where you can fill in more info to get more info

If you’d rather, you can email me direct at and I’ll do my best to answer any questions you may have. Remember….I’m a rookie. Still have to wear the “Trainee” tag.

How am I doing? Thanks for asking. Patrick said it’d be an adjustment and it is. In the past, Arlene and I had a start and end date to our time here. This time I don’t. That still takes a bit of getting used to. They’ve put me up in a nice little 2 bedroom home (AC in the bedrooms) fully furnished with a complete kitchen and washer/dryer. It’s about 1000 sq ft. Similar to what we lived in back in Winkler except no basement.

Coming from the middle of winter in Manitoba Canada to tropical heat is another adjustment. Some days I look at the temps back home and it’s a 60-70 degree swing to here. The AC in the bedroom makes things a little easier and of course I ran out and purchased a couple of fans. You can never have too many fans no matter what Arlene says LOL.

Being here alone is a little daunting. I do know people here from previous visits and I’m getting to know more. The people I’ve met that own homes here are wonderful and inviting people. They’ve made me feel very at home here. As some of you may have seen from my Facebook page, we had a Super Bowl party at the Sea Salt Restaurant. One of the owners, Sue, brought 3 pans of delicious baked goods. Made it feel like we were having “faspa” down here. It’s that sense of community that we have fallen in love with here.

Most nights people gather at the pool to watch the sunset and it’s quite normal to join some tables together to break bread and have a few pops. That’s what makes the new construction exciting. Making more room for people to enjoy this pearl by the Pacific.

Nicaragua is still an emerging country when it comes to tourism, but it’s emerging quickly. Think Costa Rica a couple decades ago. We have found the Nica people to be very friendly and willing to help when asked.

It’s a poor country by our North American standards. Our homes are palaces compared to some here, but I’d challenge you to find a more content group of people. I’ve spoken of it before, but I think it’s important to note that Gran Pacifica does give a “hand up” as opposed to hand outs through an organization called Help Them Help Themselves. If you feel so inclined, you can read more about the work they do here.

Well, I think that’ll about do it for this round. Time to head off into the sunset…or rather watch the sunset.

Cheers everyone!

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