So…changes are a comin’

Sometimes when I sit down to write one of these, I review the last one so as not to repeat myself too often.

Last time I wrote about looking for opportunities and taking risks. Funny that. It would appear we are looking at an opportunity and taking somewhat of a risk.

We’ve often talked about someday moving to Nicaragua. I’ve often told my friend Patrick that I’d need something to do there. At soon to be 62, I still feel too young to just sit around. Besides, I don’t have a strong enough pension to do that anyway.

Well, through numerous emails and a couple of Skype chats, we’ve made the gut wrenching decision to pull up stakes and head south….to Nicaragua. We’ve been offered the opportunity to work at Gran Pacifica, the place we’ve gone to visit on four occasions.

I say gut wrenching because when you stop to think about it, we’re very close to our kids and quite frankly, it’s hard to leave them behind. Don’t get me wrong, they are totally on board and are encouraging us to go for it. We’re also leaving behind friends, band mates and work colleagues we’ve become close with over our time here.

You get into a rhythm, but things change. Nicaragua, along with Belize, Costa Rica and Panama are becoming going concerns in the tourist industry. The company we will be working for, ECI, is a company expanding it’s roots in these areas. The idea will be to go down and help show and sell properties. Dreams really. Close to the ocean in a tropical climate and spectacular sunsets.

As an added bonus, there is a foundation called Help Them Help Themselves, that is supported by Gran Pacifica. It’s helped to fund medical missions to a clinic recently built nearby.

The range of emotions that we’ve been running through since making the decision has run the gamut of excitement, fear, happy and sad. There’s times I wake up and wonder what the heck have we done! Then there’s times of excitement thinking of the possibilities.

At the end of the day, these opportunities don’t come around that often. All the check marks started lining up. Doors were opening, we just had to have the courage to walk through.

So it is with some trepidation that we are giving notice at our jobs. Our kids are purchasing our home. I know that once we’re on the ground in Gran Pacifica, things will feel familiar again. We’ve made some good friends there and look forward to making more.

You can learn more about where we’re going by clicking here.

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  1. Dave Darichuk says:

    Wow Merle that’s great news for you and your wife. You will be living the dream in Nicaragua! What an opportunity!! I know how much you love it there by listening to your stories after your trips.
    One question – Do they have a football team down there? OMG another thought – Who will pick me up off the field now when my old body can’t do it on out’s own?? :-)) I’ll miss ya Buddy, but it’s great. Take care and keep in touch.


    1. Merle Peters says:

      Lol, oh Dave that’s too funny.
      Thanks go out to you for taking me under your wing and showing me the ropes.
      You are truly one of the good guys.
      I will be in touch for sure!


  2. Randy Goossen says:

    So very happy for you and Arlene, Merle! Appreciate the courage to make this change when it would be easy to play it safe. Clearly the stars have aligned and you are following His calling. We will be going to Belize again next year – my 5th time so I know the draw. I’m sure you will spin your Peter’s magic and in no time they all will be Canadianized. My mom used to say “Alle Anfang ist schwer!” In other words namely English – all beginnings are difficult – but that in the end makes it all the more precious. All the best my friend!
    Randy G


    1. Merle Peters says:

      Thanks Randy. Our company has properties in Belize as well. I’ve heard a lot of good things about it. Hope we get a chance to visit there as well.


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