Start of week two!

Heading into uncharted territory here. We rarely get two weeks together and have never spent two weeks here at Gran Pacifica. Usually ten days, take two days off for travel each way and it gets to be too short.

Weekend was busy with guests so we pretty much chilled in and around our room, venturing out in the evening for a dessert/drink then back to the room to call it a day. Getting into the rhythm of getting up early and going to bed early. It’s the only way to beat some of the heat here.

The tides have been good for the surfers, so we’ve been out trying to catch that action…at least until it gets a little warm for this guy. One of the places we set up for pictures was on a golf green overlooking the ocean. It’s here we met a gal from New Zealand. She was here with  a few others staying at a BNB around the corner from Gran Pacifica.

Later in the day, we were picked up by Osman, Angela and their kids to go to my favorite beach, Asuchillo. It has been subdivided and all but two lots have been sold for developing housing with a beautiful ocean view. But for now, there’s nothing there…

Osman and Angela work for GP. They help with booking reservations and tours. I think I’ve mentioned Osman before. Wealth of knowledge and seems to know everyone everywhere he takes us.
Angela keeps everyone organized. Without her, a lot of this wouldn’t go as smoothly as it does.
And they have ridiculously cute kids! As you can see, they love the beach. The young one so much so he tried eating a lot of it…
Our visit to the beach was short lived as some rain moved in. It’s just like the prairies except it comes from the opposite direction. But you can feel the temperature drop a bit and the wind picks up. 
Turns out it wasn’t as bad as it looked, but you never know out here. 
The remnants of Hurricane Nate reached to this side of Nica and dumped a ton of rain in the area. Made for some rough seas that washed up more junk on the beach than usual. Lots of trees are strewn about as well.
Regardless, we headed back just in time to see another, (no I don’t get tired of them) sunset. Light rain, purple sky, ocean breeze…man…who could get tired of this?
We were able to get ourselves out onto the beach this morning around 6 am for a walk around. Nice temps, high 20s, with a breeze. Tide was just getting ready to come back in so we kept it short. No sense getting stranded eh?

As usual, you can see the rest of the pictures here

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