Gran Pacifica Day 1a

Ok ok…I have to add a bit.

It was a pretty chill day. Slept in a bit, we’re usually up by 6 am for sure because the sun is. 
Went to the SeaSalt Restaurant for breakfast. Met some servers we’ve seen over the last few visits. Very cool to have them remember us. 

Our friend and owner Patrick and his girlfriend Andrea joined us. Andrea is a pediatrician who also helps market the restaurant and resort…just to fill her days 😉

Super nice lady with a great sense of humour. They make a great couple. I’ve seen a few hashtags referring to Patrick #thatdaypatricksmiled. Seems to me he’s smiling more these days. 

Rest of the day was spent just puttering around. A little pool time, lunch, nap then wait for sunset.

The sunsets here are pretty amazing. And no two are alike. 

For supper we were joined by Patrick and Andrea. They’ve got busy schedules so it was nice to be able to spend a bit of time with them tonight. Had a delicious steak dinner. We asked the chef to invent something. He didn’t disappoint. A little cheese cake to finish, then head back to our rooms. There was some rumbling on the horizon and sure enough, a very active thunderstorm rolled through. Lots of lightning. I swear the thunder sounds more intense here. One crack in particular had us going inside instead of watching from our patio.

And now it’s time to call it a night. Plans are to be up with the sun and walk the beach. 

Cheers everyone…

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