Nica Trip Day 3…


Yesterday I had one of those ridiculously long naps that leaves you stupefied when you wake up. It was 5 pm and Arlene was calling to me to WAKE UP!! We’re missing it!!

It being the sunset we had anticipated all day. I scrambled to grab my camera and head out. People were already gathered around the pool area. It’s a daily thing here to gather and watch the sunset together. How cool is that?

We were invited to Patrick Hiebert’s condo for supper so we hung around the pool area and watched as the sun slipped behind the horizon. Sometimes, you get the best pictures at that time. We didn’t take any…
We just sat and took it all in as the sky became a deep orange/red. Then the stars emerged. We can scarcely take it all in. It’s so beautiful. How can there not a God or Creator that put this all together. I simply can’t believe it all happened by chance.
At supper, we met the property general manager, Giovani, a very easy going pleasant young man from Nica. Also invited were a young couple that had just purchased a property here, Bill and Stevie, from Edmonton, as well as, Gordon and Pita from Toronto. Gordon and Pita have been here a few years already. We were in a young lady’s condo, Tara, who was leaving the next morning. 
We had a great time hearing their stories, sharing a supper of buttered chicken cooked up by Pat, accessorized by a salad and dessert he ordered from the restaurant a few doors down the way. 
Through the conversation, we found out the resort had just hosted a large wedding here. Over 200 people. It filled the resort. Truth be told, kinda glad we missed it LOL. The peace we’ve felt so far has been fantastic.
It was nice to hear of the booking though, the resort is newish and trying to get a footing. The picture above shows where a ceremony would be held over looking the Pacific. Then a gathering around the pool area/restaurant, complete with band would ensue. If we were to do it all over again….
One of the things we are enjoying the most, besides the weather, is that the sun is up early. We’ve been rising early to go for photo walks along the beach which stretches for a long long way. 
Here are a few shots from this morning.

The rest of the gallery can be seen here.
We hope to arrange a couple of outings for tomorrow, Fri Sat.
Things on the list are active volcanoes, one offering is at night so that we can see the glow of the lava, boat tours of the Islets around Granada, market places, bird sanctuaries etc. 
Pat is also trying to arrange a day for us to go to a school and take pictures of the kids. Really hoping that can happen. We would love to be able to help them get something that just isn’t in the cards for most kids here. A school picture. The guy that picked us up, Osman, told us about how the Nica Govt has been able to get buy in from kids to get off the street, out of gangs and into school. Not sure of the details, but I suggested they do a presentation in Winnipeg 😉
How nice would it be to get rid of gangs? I’ll have to investigate that one further.
Well, the sun is coming around and beating down on this lily white skin of mine, so it’s time to put some protection on or fry…
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  1. great photo's merle…i'm reliving our time out there…pat said the sunsets are seasonably different…true, we saw great sunsets for sure but your photo's are one step above, its a great spot on our globe…say hello to pat, giovanni, and osmond…


  2. Merle Peters says:

    Thanks Harold. It certainly is a beautiful place to chill.
    Everyone here has been fantastic. They speak very highly of you and Lori. I'll pass on your greetings.


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