Hop…skip…and a jump…

Well, today’s the day! Stayed in Wpg last night to grab some sleep before heading to the airport for 5:30 am.

Good grief! It was nasty cold this morning. Trying to dress light because we land in plus 38 degree weather. But my goodness, going down the ramps, unheated ramps, to the plane was quite something.

We booked premium economy all the way down. Mostly for me and my long legs. Leg room was great! Have to work on the width part LOL. They certainly cram people in to those planes.

I kept thinking of that comedian, name escapes me now, who spoke on an late night talk show about today’s generation not appreciating what we have. He talks about flying…sitting in a chair, in a  tube…and flying through space! It is quite amazing when I think about it. Not only that, but you land on a tiny piece of land hundreds or thousands of miles away.

We don’t do this often, so for those of you who do, please ignore my amazedness. Minneapolis and Atlanta airports are HUGE! We had to take trams and escalators and motorized walkways to get from one gate to the next. The connection in Minni was a little tight. Made it though.

The connection in Atlanta was a little more relaxed. At least had some time to eat. Found a nice little restaurant/bar with a sax player and piano player entertaining with some very nice smooth jazz.
So relaxing after the hustle and bustle it took to get there.

Messaged our contact in Nica last night asking if it was a van picking us up in Managua. Change of plans. A truck is coming with a  driver that doesn’t speak much English LOL. And the adventure begins. Pat’s busy picking up supplies in Granada so he can’t be there. I have a feeling we’ll be so bushed we won’t want to visit much anyway. I don’t know how people do this type of thing for a living. I mean the flying part. It’s cool and all but…

Everyone, and I mean everyone is on a smart phone. Very few people are looking up while walking. It’s so tempting to have the hockey player in me come out. Trolly tracks…head down…
I guess that’s the world we live in now. You have to practice defensive walking or there’d be a mess of accidents.

Sun is setting here in Atlanta. Temp in the low twenties. Time for us to find the next gate. We’ll try to add a few pix a little later on.


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