Some random ramblin’s

Well….the weather has turned cold. Wind whistling out of the north. We’re heading towards the sports juggernaut of baseball/football/hockey all being on at the same time….and the Bombers are on a losing skid.
Yep…all is as it was….

Watched with some hope that the Bombers would come out of their losing skid with a game against the expansion Ottawa REDBLACKS. After all, they’re an eastern team. An expansion team. Lost 9 in a row and sporting a 1-11 record.
All that seemed to get accomplished is my testing of some fine Canadian red wines as I watched the Bombers play THE worst game of the year BY FAR!
To be fair, Drew Willy played his butt off, but didn’t get much help from his supporting cast.
I know the Bombers have injuries. I know the refs are purposely against the Bombers (not really) but it’s a popular theory.
The plain truth is the Bombers don’t have enough good players. They have some, but not enough.
The o-line is still a problem. Receivers that don’t fight to get open. Defensive players that can’t seem to tackle. Some interesting calls from a rookie coach.
Linebackers, that used to be a trademark of feared Bomber teams of the past, are woefully absent on this edition.
I read somewhere that the average weight of the defensive line is in the neighborhood of 260. Which provides quickness. However, when the oline on other teams avg 300 lbs, it’s no wonder the opposition just lines up a big back that runs right through this collection.
Untimely penalties, preventable, continue to let the opposition off the hook. Regardless if you think the refs are unfair or “targeting” certain players, if you know that I would think you need to play that much more aware.
As mentioned earlier, there are some very good pieces to this team. But they’ll have to open up the vault to get some of the missing pieces. Games are won and lost in the trenches. I firmly believe that.
Anyway, enough of that.

On to more positive things. The band I’m in, The Committee, recently played at a barn south of Osterwick belonging to Jake and Martha Janzen.
We had a GREAT time! Love the venue. Holds about 50-60 people I believe. There was about 35-40 there for the evening. Harvest time took most away. But those that were there were very boisterous. When you hear the hootin’ and hollerin’ from your audience, the band really gets a charge out of that. So from us to you, here’s a great big THANK-YOU!!
We hope to be out that way again next fall. You can keep up with what we’re doing by visiting here.
That should take you to our Facebook page. Please feel free to “LIKE” and “SHARE” if you like what you see and hear there.

Arlene and I are less than two months from our trip to Nicaragua. Hasn’t really sunk in yet. I’m sure it will once we get a little closer. I’m sure it will all go by far too quickly as well.
In the meantime, we’re doing our research and looking forward to having someone down there that can show us around. I think I mentioned in my last blog a fellow by the name of Patrick Hiebert (originally from Plum Coulee) is part owner of the resort we’re travelling to. He has now taken up permanent residence there. It’s a huge advantage for us, to have someone to help us make the best use of our time.

Dark….as in no light. It’s no secret I don’t like the shorter daylight of winter. Makes it hard to get up in the morning and easy to go to bed way too early at night. I’m glad I have a couple of hobbies in photography and music to help keep my mind active.

Speaking of photography, looking forward to attending and taking pix at the Katie Cares Fashion Show Oct 9. Haven’t really done a show like this before. I’ve done lots of concerts, so I’m guessing it can’t be too much different.
Proud of Randy and Ruth Reimer for keeping the dream alive. They and their foundation have done a lot of good things locally with the funds raised by this.

Well, that’s about it for now. Talk soon….

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