To Mac or not to Mac

So we bit the bullet and bought a Mac. So far it’s been pretty easy getting used to it. It pretty much sets up itself!

We bought it mostly so that I can work with the pix I take and everything I’ve read about them seems to lean towards their superior ability to handle media.
Time will tell, but so far it appears to be pretty quick and well organized.
There’s tons of features I can’t wait to explore. I was hoping to upgrade my camera, but that will need to wait. 
On another note, summer’s almost done. It’s gone by so quick. We had a good swim season with the Barracudas bringing home the hardware from Summer Swim. We had a large group of kids this year with lots of newbies. It was good to see.
My favorite CFL team, the Bombers, haven’t done so well this year. I live next to a Riders fan so it’s been a little tough. So much promise gone so bad this year. What I hate is all the drama. Sometimes having a fan forum like can get a little ridiculous. Too many non informed fans using a medium like this and lashing out from behind a screen. 
I wish it was a little more like the old days when we didn’t need to know every detail and the team didn’t have to endure comments from every goof with a laptop. 
My neighbor is also the voice of the Winkler Flyers and says the team could be competitive this year. May have to check out a few games this year. 
Still busy at Southland Honda. We had a very good Spring and Summer. I hope the new models will help continue the trend into fall.
Our church band is getting into the swing of things again after taking a pretty relaxed summer schedule. Looks like we have 3 bands to rotate this year so every third week we’re on. We still practice once a week. This allows us to find and work on new songs. 
Our daughter will be playing hockey again this year, but only high school. Last year she played on three teams and that got a little crazy. Not to mention taking a toll on her marks at school.
Our son Alex is working on his dance moves and is getting more involved with a group in Wpg called XCompany. Although he’s still somewhat of a novice, I’m still amazed at some of the stuff he can do. 
Well, I’m running out of gas and need to play in church tomorrow then off to the Banjo Bowl after that. So I think it’s off to bed for me…. 

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