It’s quiet……too quiet….

Home alone….
Feels weird. My wife and our daughter are off to hockey provincials, my son, home for a week from college, is out with his buddies and won’t be home til who knows when. So it’s just me and the dogs.

I’d be at provincials as well, but got the short straw and I have to work this weekend which means I’ll most likely miss all their games and not get any pix either. Also, it’s my daughter’s birthday tomorrow….sucks even more that we can’t celebrate together. Oh well, life will go on….

So….made some supper, watched some tv, spent a couple of hours playing my bass and now it’s time to pack it in. Although I’m sure there are many times all of us wish for time at home alone, for me it’s very different from the busy-ness of keeping up with our kids schedules.

I can see where people have adjustments to make once the kids all move out. I hope I’ve developed enough hobbies to fill the time….especially in winter!

Well…I guess it’s time to ramble on out of here and get to bed……and lay awake there for a while….

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