Notes for November…

Just finishing up a Saturday off….time change tonight….extra sleep. I’ll probably wake up at the same time as usual. Just gives me an extra hour to do stuff I guess.
Halloween was uneventful. We had about 20 kids. I have a lot of little chocolate bars to eat.
Texted a friend in the “new” part of town that night and they were busy like crazy. Just goes to show you the kids, or the parents driving them in vans, know where the money is…;-)
I was all ready to go through a winter with no kid in hockey. Daughter has played for the last 4-5 yrs and decided to pack it in. My wife was going through serious withdrawal. She’s a true hockey mom. Well, we’ve had a change of heart and now we’re not only playing minor hockey, but she’s part of the first female hockey team our high school has had. She’s part of a core group that’s come up together and this was a bit of a dream of ours. Some of us parents have been lobbying to get this started when our kids were still a few years away. These things take time and I’m glad things fell in place. Only problem now is to keep girls getting into hockey into our area so that the program will be sustained. It’s proving tougher than we thought in our area. Female hockey seems to be growing in communities around us but not here. She’s really enjoying the high school practices. The coach played at the University of Maine and is high energy and competitive.
The midget team she plays for in minor hockey is the same line up for the most part.
Different set up in that the parents are more heavily involved. With high school, things are organized by the school. Kinda like that.
On the music front, I’ve been balancing my time with Brian at Hillside and our group at EMC. It’s been fun playing more and getting to know new people and new songs.
Arlene and I will be attending a Brian Doerksen concert at Buhler Hall in Gretna. Really looking forward to it. He’s a gifted singer/songwriter from Canada in music ministry.
Somewhat torn as to where my loyalty lies in respect to church. Not that they don’t have issues, but we seem to be enjoying the Hillside crowd. We seem to be able to relate to the style.
Our son is enjoying his time at Prov. He’s recently hooked up a dance instructor in Wpg and is starting to take some instruction in hip hop. He’d really like to see where this goes. It’s been an interest to him for a while now. He’s self taught adn would like to take it up a notch. He told me he’d like to find some others that have similar interests and see if it fits in a youth ministry somehow. In the mean time he’s learning about his faith and about dance.
IMHO it’s the perfect time to explore his dream. No ties.
Well, that’s all for now. Time to watch a movie with the family. Spiderman 3…

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